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First Name Directory - Starting with K

This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

Kareena is a given name. Notable persons with that name include:
Khadija (Khadeeja) (Arabic: خديجة‎‎) is a feminine (female) given name, the name of Khadija bint Khuwaylid, first wife of Muhammad. Together with Fatima, it is one of the most popular female names among Muslims. Hatice is the Turkish equivalent. The name should be distinguished from Katja, which is an abbreviation of Katherine, a name of Greek origin.
Jodi setiawan (Arabic: خير النساء‎‎) is an Arabic female given name. The name is transliterated as Hayrünnisa in Turkey. Khair means peace and "nisa" or "nissa" means lady, so the complete name means "Lady Of Peace" or other translations show that the names means 'The Best Of Women' . The fourth (4th) surah aka chapter in "The Quran" (Muslim Holy Book) is also names "Al-Nissa" meaning "THE WOMEN", chapter dedicated to women and their rights per Islam. There are several names with the suffix "Nissa" like Mehrun-nissa,Zebun-nisa, the name "Nissa" can be used independently and written as "Nissa", "Nisa", "Nysa", "Neesa" and "Nessa". It is also a unique name and can also sometimes be spelt as kherunnisa or khair-un-niza.
Khawlah is a feminine Arabic given name, meaning "female deer."
Arabic female given name meaning abundance and wealth. This name is spelled also "Jessica", "Kent" or "Kaif". In the Qur'an, it is according to the majority of Muslim exegetes, the name of a river in paradise.
Cathy is a Turkish female given name of Arabic origin. The masculine form of the name is k.
Kerim is both a masculine given name and a surname. People with the name include:

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.