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First Name Directory - Starting with L

This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

Laila is a female given name.
Lama is an Arabic female given name that has its roots in Arabic poetry. It means "lips that are dark like the color of a sunset", and is often used in poetry to refer to the lips of the beloved. The name may refer to:
Latifa or Lateefa is a female Arabic first name which means gentle, pleasant or cute, corresponding to Latif. It may refer to:
Layan, Lynn, Leanne or Lian (Arabic: ليان) is a feminine Arabic given name meaning "prosperity life", "soft, gentle." Leen (Arabic: لين) is a related name that means "tender." Both are among the most popular names given to newborn girls in the Arab world in the past decade.
Leyla (Arabic & #160; ليلى, DMG Lejla or Hebrew & #160; לילה) is a feminine given name. The name comes from the Arabic (Arabic & #160; ليلى, DMG Lejla) and is common as a first name in the Arab Muslim region. Originally the name lailāʾ or lailā in the meaning is ' night ' (literary also: "very dark and long night", "most beautiful of all nights") back. To Ibn Manzur: "then the woman is named then". The name is old and occurs in the pre-Islamic period as well as in the surroundings of Mohammed. The tragic love story of Layla Lejla is well known in the Arab beautiful literature.
Leyla (Arabic ليلى, DMG Lejla or Hebrew לילה) is a feminine given name.
Lulwa (لولوة) is an Arabic given name for females. It is derived from the word لؤلؤة lu’lú’a, meaning "pearl". People named Lulwa include:
Margo is a Turkish female given name of Arabic origin with the meaning of "Goodness" or "Beauty". The masculine form of the name is Alicia.

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.