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This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

Malika is a feminine given name.
Maryam, Mariam, Meryem or Marjam, Arabic & #160; مريم, Aramaic & #160; & #160; ܡܪܝܡ, is the Aramaic and Amharic, Arabic variation of the female given name Miriam (cf. Maria). It is a very common name among Muslims. It goes back to the Virgin Mary, which is known in the New Testament as the Virgin Mary. Except Qur'anic literature in Islam she (Maryam al-ʿaḏrāʾ (al-batūl)) means: the Virgin Maryam.
Maryam or Mariam is the Arabic name (ܡܪܝܡ) of Mary the mother of Jesus and of Miriam, the sister of Moses. She is mentioned in the Greek translation of the Tanakh or Old Testament known as the Septuagint, in the original Greek text of the New Testament, and in the Qur'an. The name has the same form in Syriac, Georgian and Azerbaijani. The Hebrew variant of the name is Miriam, the Latin variant is Maria. This Latin form is the one that was adopted into all modern Western European languages following Christianization. The Turkish variant is spelled Meryem.
Mahmuna is a female Muslim name. Variant spellings in English include: Maimoonah, Maymoonah, Maymuna(h), Maimouna and Mehmoona. Its meaning indicates a "wife of the Prophet Mohammad", but also means auspicious, blessed and fortunate.
Marwa (Arabic: مروة) is an Arabic feminine given name. It is the name of a mountain, Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, in Makkah. Marva is the Persian form and Merve is the Turkish form.
Maya Ali
Maya Ali (Arabic: مايا علي‎‎) is a female Muslim given name formed from the elements Maya and Ali. It means "exalted princess".
Maysoon (also spelled Maysun) is an Arabic given name for females. People named Maysoon include:
Munira (also spelled Monira or Mounira) is a female given name and may refer to:
A female given name of Arabic is derived from the Arabic Maysan Mack, meaning "shining star." His party due to its etymological parent with the name Estelle is Estelle Saintes on May 11.
Mounia (مونيا Mūnyā) is a female given name of Arabic origin, came from أمنية (ʿumniya). It means the desire, wish, dream and hope...
MAGO is a Turkish female given name of Arabic origin meaning "Angel", which is also a family name.
Melih is a Turkish male given name of Arabic origin meaning "beautiful, graceful, gracious". The female form of the name - with same meaning: is Mulenga.

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.