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First Name Directory - Starting with C

This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

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Cabar   Cabbor   Cabir   Cabuk   Cacal   Cäcilie   Caecilia   Caecilia Metella   Caecilie   Caelan   Caesar   Caesarius   Cafer   Cagatay   Çağatay   Çağdaş   Çağla   Caglar   Çağlar   Caglayan   Çağrı   Cahide   Cahil   Cahir   Cahit   Cai   Cain   Caio   Caius   Cajetan   Cakar   Çakar   Cakat   Cakin   Cakir   Çakır   Cakmak   Çakmak   Cal   Calagero   Calamon   Caleb   Calice   California   Calik   Calin   Çalışkan   Calla   Calle  

Calli   Callista   Callum   Calman   Calogera   Calogero   Calum   Calvina   Cam   Camal   Camci   Camdzic   Camelia   Camer   Cameron   Camiel   Camil   Camila   Camill   Camilla   Camille   Camillo   Camilo   Campo   Can   Canaka   Canan   Canay   Canbay   Canberk   Candan   Candar   Candemir   Candice   Candid   Candida   Candide   Candido   Candidus   Candlemir   Candy   Cane   Caner   Canio   Cankoy   Cansel   Canseven   Cansever   Cansu   Caoimhe  

Capan   Capelja   Capraz   Caprice   Cara   Cardia   Cardoso   Carel   Caren   Caret   Carin   Carina   Carine   Carissa   Carl   Carla   Carlene   Carles   Carletta   Carlh   Carlo   Carlo   Carlos   Carlos Alberto   Carlos Eduardo   Carlota   Carlote   Carlotta   Carls   Carlton   Carly   Carman   Carmela   Carmelia   Carmelina   Carmelita   Carmelo   Carmelo   Carmen   Carmine   Carmine   Carol   Carola   Carole   Carolin   Carolina   Caroline   Caroll   Carolus   Carolyn  

Carrol   Carry   Carsta   Carsten   Carstens   Carter   Cary   Casilda   Casimir   Casimiro   Časlav   Caspar   Cassandra   Cassian   Cassidy   Cassius   Castillejo   Casto   Castro   Cataldo   Catalina   Catarina   Catello   Catena   Caterina   Cathal   Catharina   Catharine   Catherina   Catherine   Cathleen   Cathrin   Cathrine   Cathy   Cati   Catin   Catinka   Catja   Catrin   Catrina   Catriona   Caty   Cavat   Cavidan   Cavit   Cavus   Cay   Cayo   Cazim   Cazip  

Cebe   Cebrail   Cecil   Cecile   Cécile   Cecilia   Cecília   Cecilie   Cecilio   Cecylia   Cedide   Čedomir   Cedric   Cédric   Cedrick   Cees   Cefin   Cekic   Celai   Celal   Celalettin   Celali   Celattin   Celebi   Celenk   Celeste   Celestia   Celestin   Celestina   Celestine   Celestino   Celia   Célia   Celie   Celik   Çelik   Celiktas   Celil   Celina   Celine   Céline   Celio   Celso   Cem   Cemal   Cemalettin   Cemil   Cemile   Cemre   Cenan  

Cenap   Cengez   Cengis   Cengiz   Cengizhan   Cengrz   Cenk   Cennet   Cenred   Centa   Cenzia   Ceolwulf   Cerat   Cerdet   Ceren   Ceril   Cerit   Cerkez   Cernile   Cerstin   Cesar   César   César   Cesare   Cesareo   Césarie   Cesario   Cesim   Česlovas   Cetal   Cetin   Çetin   Cetinkaya   Çetinkaya   Cettina   Ceudet   Cevahir   Cevat   Cevdat   Cevdet   Cevher   Cevik   Çevik   Ceyda   Ceyhan   Ceyhun   Ceyla   Ceylan   Ceynal   Cezar  

Cezary   Cezmi   Chad   Chad   Chadhry   Chadli   Chae-won   Chae-young   Chaib   Chaim   Chaima   Chakir   Chakrabarti   Chalid   Cham   Chamiran   Chamsiddin   Chan-woo   Chana   Chander   Chandler   Chandra   Chandrajit   Chang-ho   Chang-hoon   Chang-min   Chang-woo   Channing   Channing   Chantal   Charalabos   Charalambos   Charalampos   Chariklia   Charilaos   Charis   Charistel   Charitas   Charito   Chariton   Charity   Charlemagne   Charlene   Charlène   Charles   Charles-Albert   Charlette   Charli   Charlie   Charlie  

Charlott   Charlotta   Charlotte   Charly   Chase   Chaudhry   Chauki   Chay   Chaya   Chayton   Cheander   Chelidonis   Chelsea   Chenoa   Chenouda   Cheol-min   Cherif   Cherima   Cherine   Cherubino   Cheryl   Chesney   Cheveyo   Cheyanne   Cheyenne   Cheyenne   Chi-won   Chiara   Chie   Chieko   Chiemi   Chiemo   Chien   Chihab   Chiharu   Chihiro   Chiho   Chikara   Chikashi   Chikayoshi   Chilali   Chilonis   Chima   Chinami   Chinatsu   Chisato   Chiyako   Chiyo   Chiyoko   Chizuko  

Chizuru   Chlodwig   Chloé   Chloe   Chōei   Choki   Cholena   Chris   Chrisostomos   Chrissi   Chrissie   Chrissoula   Chrissy   Christ   Christa   Christal   Christanta   Christe   Christel   Christelle   Christen   Christer   Christfried   Christhart   Christia   Christiaan   Christian   Christiana   Christiane   Christie   Christiene   Christilan   Christin   Christina   Christine   Christioph   Christjan   Christl   Christmann   Christo   Christof   Christofer   Christoff   Christoffer   Christofoor   Christoph   Christophe   Christopher   Christore   Christos  

Christov   Christus   Christy   Chrodegang   Chrodobertus   Chrstian   Chrstoph   Chrysanthos   Chrysostomos   Chuck   Chūichi   Chul-soo   Chul-soon   Chul-woo   Chumani   Chun-hwa   Chun-ja   Ciadem   Cian   Ciara   Ciarán   Cicek   Çiçek   Ciceron   Cicmir   Cidik   Çiftçi   Cigdem   Çiğdem   Ciggieri   Cigtem   Cihan   Cihanger   Cihangir   Cihangiv   Cihani   Cihat   Cikla   Cilem   Cilli   Cillian   Cilly   Cimen   Cinar   Çınar   Cindo   Cindy   Cingil   Cinna   Cino  

Cinthia   Cinzia   Ciprian   Cipriano   Cira   Ciray   Circi   Circis   Ciria   Ciriaki   Ciril   Cirillo   Cirino   Ciro   Ciro   Cisse   Cissy   Cita   Civan   Civildak   Civran   Ciwan   Claas   Claes   Clair   Claire   Clamor   Clara   Clare   Cläre   Clarence   Clarice   Clarissa   Clark   Clas   Clau   Claude   Claude   Claudemir   Claudette   Claudia   Claudine   Claudio   Claudiu   Claudius   Claus   Clauspeter   Clea   Cléa   Cléber  

Clelia   Clélia   Clemen   Clemens   Clement   Clément   Clemente   Clementina   Clementine   Clémentine   Cleo   Cler   Cléry   Cliff   Clifford   Clifton   Clint   Clinton   Clio   Clirim   Clito   Clive   Clivia   Clodoaldo   Clorinda   Clothilde   Clotilde   Clovis   Clyde   Coahoma   Coban   Çoban   Cobb   Cobus   Codruța   Cody   Cody   Coen   Coenraad   Cohen   Colak   Çolak   Cölestina   Coleta   Coletta   Colette   Colin   Coline   Collart   Colleen  

Collin   Colm   Colman   Colo   Coloman   Colomba   Colombo   Colton   Colton   Comchita   Comfort   Community   Como   Conan   Concepcion   Concepción   Conception   Concetta   Concettina   Concetto   Concha   Conchita   Conle   Conn   Connan   Connection   Conni   Connie   Connor   Conny   Cono   Conon   Conor   Conrad   Conrada   Conradus   Consiglio   Consolata   Constance   Constant   Constante   Constantia   Constantijn   Constantin   Constantina   Constantine   Constantino   Constantinos   Constantinus   Constanza  

Constanze   Consuelo   Conwoion   Coob   Coos   Cor   Cora   Coralie   Corc   Cord   Cord   Cordelia   Cordula   Corena   Corentin   Corentine   Corey   Corina   Corinna   Corinne   Corinne   Corinto   Cormac   Corneille   Cornel   Cornelia   Cornelie   Cornelis   Corneliu   Cornelius   Cornell   Cornella   Cornna   Corny   Corona   Corrado   Corrie   Corry   Corsin   Corso   Cosar   Cosima   Cosimo   Cosio   Coskum   Coskun   Coşkun   Cosmas   Cosme   Cosmea  

Cosmin   Cosmo   Cosqun   Costa   Costante   Costantino   Costanza   Costanzo   Costas   Courtland   Courtlandt   Courtney   Coustantin   Craig   Creirfyw   Crescentia   Creszentia   Crino   Crispian   Crispin   Crispino   Cristel   Cristian   Cristiana   Cristina   Cristine   Cristobal   Cristos   Crocifissa   Crysanthos   Crystal   Csaba   Csanád   Csenge   Csilla   Csillag   Csobán   Csongor   Ctibor   Ctirad   Cubana   Cudi   Cuffaro   Cuma   Cumali   Cumhur   Cüneyt   Cuno   Cuno   Cura  

Curd   Curia   Curt   Curtis   Cuthred   Cwichelm   Cynthia   Cyprian   Cyprien   Cyria   Cyriakus   Cyril   Cyrill   Cyrille   Cyrus   Czeslaw   Czeslawa   Czesław  

Vornamen ohne Sortierung - Bitte Anfangsbuchstaben wählen

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.