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First Name Directory - Starting with D

This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

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Da-hee   Daan   Dabiživ   Dace   Dado   Dae-hyun   Dae-sung   Dae-won   Dafni   Dafydd   Dag   Dağ   Dağdelen   Daghan   Dagistan   Dagmar   Dagmara   Dagmer   Dagmunde   Dagna   Dagnė   Dagnie   Dagny   Dagobert   Dagur   Dahho   Dahlia   Dai   Daia   Daichi   Daiga   Daigo   Daiki   Daimond   Daina   Dainis   Dainius   Dainora   Dainuvīte   Dairoku   Daishin   Daisuke   Daisy   Daiva   Daizō   Dajana   Dalal   Dale   Daley  

Dali   Dalia   Dalibor   Dalila   Dalipi   Dalius   Dallas   Daller   Dalma   Damar   Damara   Damaris   Damaris   Damaskinos   Damasus   Damayanti   Damian   Damián   Damiano   Damianos   Damião   Damien   Damion   Damir   Damjan   Damján   Damla   Dan   Dana   Dana   Danah   Dane   Danela   Danelo   Danguolė   Dangutė   Danho   Dani   Dania   Danica   Daniel   Daniel   Dániel   Daniela   Daniele   Danièle   Danielius   Daniella   Danielle   Danijel  

Danijela   Danila   Danilo   Danis   Danish   Danius   Danja   Danjana   Danka   Dankert   Dankha   Dankmar   Danko   Dankward   Dankwart   Danlahiri   Dannie   Danny   Dante   Danuet   Danut   Danuta   Danutė   Dany   Daoud   Daphne   Darala   Dardan   Dare   Dari   Daria   Darina   Darinka   Dario   Daris   Dariu?   Darius   Darius   Dariusch   Dariush   Dariusz   Darja   Darko   Darlene   Darnell   Darragh   Darrell   Darren   Darroll   Darryl  

Darvydas   Darwin   Dary   Darya   Daryan   Daryl   Dascha   Dasikan   Daud   Daugirdas   Daumantas   Dausprungas   Daut   Dave   Daver   Davey   David   David   Dávid   Davide   Davina   Davinder   Davis   Davor   Davud   Davut   Davy   Dawda   Dawid   Dawit   Dawn   Dax   Day   Daya   Dayana   De   Dea   Dean   Dean   Deane   Deanna   Debbie   Debby   Debora   Deborah   Debra   Decimus   Declan   Dede   Dedo  

Deen   Deepa   Deepak   Deepali   Deepika   Deepti   Degenhard   Degenhardt   Degenhart   Dehar   Deia   Deik   Deirdre   Deividas   Dejan   Delan   Delbert   Delfino   Deli   Delia   Delice   Delius   Della   Delphina   Delphine   Delta   Demange   Demba   Demeke   Demet   Demeter   Demetre   Demetri   Demetrios   Demetrius   Demir   Demiran   Demiray   Demirbag   Demircan   Demirci   Demirel   Demirer   Demirezen   Demirhan   Demirkaya   Demirkol   Demirok   Demirova   Demirtas  

Demirtaş   Dena   Dénes   Denho   Denis   Denis   Denise   Deniz   Denk   Denker   Denktaş   Denni   Dennie   Dennis   Denny   Dennys   Deok-su   Derakhshan   Derckina   Dere   Derek   Derek   Deri   Derick   Derk   Dermot   Dern   Dernis   Derrick   Derrick   Derrik   Dervis   Derviş   Derwin   Derya   Des   Desideria   Desiderio   Desiderius   Desimir   Désiré   Desiree   Désirée   Desislav   Desislava   Desmond   Despina   Dessenderius   Detert   Dethard  

Dethart   Dethlef   Detlef   Detlev   Detmar   Detta   Dette   Detthold   Dettmar   Dettmer   Dev   Devanshi   Devendra   Devesh   Devin   Devin   Devlet   Devon   Devon   Devrim   Dexter   Dezba   Deze   Dezider   Dezsidérius   Dezső   Dhanishka   Dhia   Dhikrullah   Dhimitër   Dia   Diagio   Diallo   Diamantis   Diana   Diána   Diane   Dianne   Diaz   Diba   Dick   Dickson   Dicky   Dídac   Diddo   Didem   Didier   Dido   Die   Diederich  

Diederike   Diedrich   Diego   Diel   Diem   Diemo   Diemut   Dierk   Dieta   Dietbert   Dietburg   Dieter   Dieterfritz   Dieterich   Dietfried   Dietgard   Dietger   Diethard   Diethardt   Dietheim   Diethelm   Diether   Diethild   Dietlind   Dietlinde   Dietloff   Dietmar   Dietolf   Dietrich   Dietsch   Dietwald   Dietward   Dietwart   Dietz   Dieudonne   Diez   Digna   Dijan   Dijana   Dik   Dika   Diken   Dikran   Diktas   Diku   Dilahni   Dilara   Dilaver   Dilber   Dildar  

Dileep   Dilek   Dilmac   Dilsad   Dilyar   Dimas   Dimitar   Dimitra   Dimitri   Dimitrij   Dimitrije   Dimitrios   Dimitris   Dimitrius   Dimitros   Dimo   Dimosthenis   Dina   Dinah   Dinc   Dincer   Dinçer   Dine   Dinesh   Dingeman   Dini   Dinis   Dino   Dino   Diogenes   Diogenis   Diogo   Dion   Dion   Dionigi   Dionisia   Dionisio   Dionisios   Dionys   Dionysios   Dionysius   Dipankar   Dirawi   Dirck   Dirdane   Dirk   Dirk   Disa   Dita   Ditha  

Ditmar   Ditta   Ditte   Dittmar   Dittmer   Diva   Diyap   Djahangir   Djalal   Djamchid   Djarad   Djavad   Djawad   Djehina   Djenaba   Djordje   Djura   Djurdja   Dlavid   Dmitri   Dmitry   Dmytro   Do-hee   Do-hun   Do-hyun   Do-won   Dobilas   Dobrila   Dobrivoje   Dobromil   Dobromir   Dobroniega   Dobroslav   Dodo   Doerte   Doerthe   Doetval   Dogan   Doğan   Dogru   Doğu   Doğukan   Dogum   Doğuş   Doina   Dolf   Dölf   Doli   Doll   Dolly  

Dolores   Dolph   Dolu   Domagoj   Domantas   Domantė   Domas   Döme   Domenic   Domenica   Domenico   Domenik   Domenika   Domenique   Domicelė   Domicio   Domingo   Domingos   Domini   Dominic   Dominica   Dominick   Dominicus   Dominik   Dominika   Dominike   Dominikus   Domininkas   Dominique   Dominykas   Domitila   Domitille   Domna   Domnio   Domonkos   Don   Dona   Donal   Donald   Donalda   Donaldas   Donaldo   Donar   Donat   Donát   Donata   Donatas   Donatella   Donatien   Donato  

Donatus   Dondu   Dong   Dong-chan   Dong-chul   Dong-geun   Dong-gun   Dong-ha   Dong-hoon   Dong-hyuk   Dong-hyun   Dong-il   Dong-joo   Dong-jun   Dong-soo   Dong-suk   Dong-won   Dong-wook   Donia   Donica   Doniela   Donka   Donkor   Dönmez   Donna   Donnie   Donny   Donoma   Donovan   Dook   Doortje   Dora   Dóra   Doralice   Dorcas   Dordie   Dore   Doreen   Dorel   Dorett   Dorette   Dori   Dorian   Doriana   Doriane   Dorieus   Dorina   Dorinda   Doris   Dorit  

Dorita   Dorith   Dorkas   Dorle   Dorli   Dorly   Doro   Dorota   Dorothe   Dorothea   Dorotheal   Dorothee   Dorotheos   Dorothy   Dorottya   Dorrit   Dorte   Dörte   Dorthe   Dorthea   Doru   Doruk   Doski   Dost Mohammad   Doubravka   Douchka   Doug   Dougal   Dougie   Douglas   Douglas   Dove   Dovilė   Dovydas   Doxakis   Doyle   Doza   Draga   Dragan   Dragana   Dragi   Dragica   Draginja   Dragiša   Drago   Dragoje   Dragojla   Dragoliub   Dragoljub   Dragomir  

Dragoslav   Dragutin   Drahsan   Draško   Dražen   Dre   Dren   Dren   Dres   Dresel   Drew   Driek   Dries   Dries   Drik   Dris   Driss   Drita   Dritan   Droste   Druda   Dschafar   Dschamal   Dschawad   Dtlef   Duane   Duarte   Dubravka   Dubravko   Duc   Duccio   Dude   Dudu   Dueter   Duilio   Dula   Dulce   Duman   Dumat   Dumitru   Duncan   Duncan   Dündar   Dunia   Dunja   Durak   Dural   Durali   Duran   Durante  

Durbaba   Durck   Durdu   Durhan   Duri   Durkadi   Durkadin   Durmus   Durmuş   Duro   Dursum   Dursun   Duru   Duruk   Durun   Dusan   Dušan   Dusanca   Dusanka   Dusic   Dusica   Duško   Dustin   Dutmus   Duygu   Duzali   Dwayne   Dyani   Dylan   Dysis   Dysmas   Dyveke   Dzeladin   Dzemail   Dzemil   Dzevada   Dzevat   Dzhfer   Dzidra   Dzintars   Dzintra  

Vornamen ohne Sortierung - Bitte Anfangsbuchstaben wählen

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.