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First Name Directory - Starting with W

This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

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Waas   Waban   Wachtel   Wacker   Wade   Wadih   Wadim   Wadnan   Wadud   Wael   Wafa   Wafaa   Wafi   Wafic   Wafig   Wafik   Wagner   Wahed   Waheed   Wahid   Wahidullah   Wahnfried   Waide   Waiel   Waios   WaItraud   Wajdi   Wajid   Wakako   Wakanda   Wakiza   Wala   Walafried   Walawal   Walburg   Walburga   Walburgis   Wald   Walda   Waldburga   Waldefried   Waldemar   Waldfried   Waldi   Waldislawa   Waldo   Waldraut   Waldtraut   Waldu  

Wale   Waleed   Walentin   Walentina   Walenty   Waleri   Walerian   Walfried   Walfriede   Wali   Waliullah   Waliuollah   Walja   Waljor   Wallace   Wallace   Walle   Walli   Wally   Walpurga   Walpurgis   Waltemart   Walter   Walter   Walterio   Walters   Walther   Waltin   Waltr   Waltraud   Waltraude   Waltraudt   Waltraund   Waltraut   Waltraute   Waltrud   Waltrude   Waltrun   Wanda   Wandine   Wane   Wanja   Wanja   Wapi   Waqaf   Waqar   Ward   Warin   Warja   Warnfried  

Warren   Warrilow   Warwara   Was   Waschstrasse   Waseem   Washington   Wasil   Wasili   Wasiliki   Wasilios   Wasilius   Wasim   Wasji   Wasse   Wassil   Wassilew   Wassili   Wassilij   Wassiliki   Wassilios   Wassim   Wataru   Waylon   Wayne   Wayne   Wazir   Wazzo   Wealhþeow   Webster   Wedekind   Wedel   Wedigo   Wedsad   Weert   Wegayehu   Wegener   Weike   Weinhold   Weizis   Welda   Welf   Welly   Welmoed   Wenceslao   Wenche   Wencke   Wendel   Wendela   Wendelgard  

Wendelin   Wendelin   Wendeline   Wendo   Wendula   Wendy   Wener   Wenke   Wennemar   Wenz   Wenzel   Wenzel   Wenzeslaus   Wenzl   Wera   Werburg   Werena   Werenfried   Werer   Werkgruppe   Werkzeugbau   Wermer   Werner   Wernfried   Wernher   Werra   Wert   Wes   Wesche   Wesley   Wessel   Westermann   Wetzel   Weysel   Wharda   Whlhelmine   Wiard   Wibke   Wichard   Wichmann   Wida   Widad   Wido   Widukind   Wiebke   Wiegand   Wiegmann   Wieke   Wiel   Wieland  

Wielfried   Wiemer   Wien   Wienfried   Wies   Wieslaw   Wieslawa   Wiesław   Wiete   Wifried   Wiga   Wigald   Wigand   Wigbert   Wigg   Wiggert   Wighard   Wiglev   Wiguleus   Wihakayda   Wihelm   Wihlhelm   Wija   Wiktor   Wiktoria   Wil   Wilbert   Wildan   Wilderich   Wildo   Wilf   Wilfgang   Wilfr   Wilfred   Wilfredo   Wilfrid   Wilfried   Wilfriede   Wilgard   Wilgart   Wilh   Wilhard   Wilhe   Wilheim   Wilhel   Wilhelm   Wilhelma   Wilhelmina   Wilhelmine   Wilhelmus  

Wilhem   Wiliam   Wilja   Wilke   Wilken   Wilko   Will   Wille   Willebold   Willem   Willemijn   Willer   Willfried   Willhart   Willhelm   Willi   William   Williamina   Williams   Willibald   Willibalt   Willibert   Willibrord   Willie   Willigis   Willmuth   Willo   Willtrud   Willy   Willybald   Wilm   Wilma   Wilman   Wilmar   Wilmut   Wilrich   Wilson   Wilters   Wiltraud   Wiltraut   Wiltrud   Wim   Winand   Wincenza   Winema   Winfr   Winfred   Winfrid   Winfried   Winfriede  

Winhard   Winhold   Winifred   Winifrid   Winifried   Winnefred   Winnes   Winni   Winnie   Winnifred   Winold   Winona   Winrich   Winston   Wioletta   Wira   Wirich   Wirt   Wisar   Wise   Wissam   Wissarion   Wissem   Witali   Withego   Witiko   Wito   Witold   Witte   Wittekind   Wittich   Wivine   Wjacław   Wjatscheslaw   Wladimir   Wladimir   Wladinir   Wladislaus   Wladislav   Wladislaw   Wladislawa   Wladyslaw   Wladyslawa   Wlodzimierz   Wobina   Wobkea   Wofgang   Wofram   Wohnstift   Wojciech  

Wojcieck   Wojtek   Wolbert   Wolde   Woldemar   Woldy   Wolf   Wolf   Wolfgang   Wolfhard   Wolfhardt   Wolfhart   Wolfman   Wolfram   Wolfried   Wolgang   Wolgard   Wolgfgang   Wolodymyr   Wolrad   Wolter   Won-chul   Won-ho   Won-il   Won-jae   Won-sik   Won-yong   Woo-jin   Woo-sung   Woody   Woong   World   Wórša   Wotan   Wouter   Wsewolod   Wulf   Wulff   Wulfhardt   Wulfhild   Wunibald   Wunibald   Wybren   Wyn   Wynne  

Vornamen ohne Sortierung - Bitte Anfangsbuchstaben wählen

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.