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First Name Directory - Starting with V

This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

Vornamen ohne Sortierung - Bitte Anfangsbuchstaben wählen

Vaas   Vacit   Vaclav   Václav   Vaclovas   Vade   Vadettin   Vadim   Vadimir   Vadzit   Vaes   Vahaddin   Vahap   Vahdeffin   Vahdet   Vahdettin   Vahdi   Vahi   Vahid   Vahide   Vahip   Vahit   Vahlt   Vaic   Vaida   Vaidas   Vaidevutė   Vaidievutis   Vaidotas   Vaidutis   Vail   Vainius   Vaino   Väinö   Vaios   Vaira   Vait   Vaitiare   Vaitsis   Vaiva   Vakkas   Val   Valborg   Valbrecht   Valda   Valdas   Valde   Valdemar   Valdemaras  

Valdi   Valdimir   Valdis   Valdís   Valdo   Valdomiro   Vale   Valeida   Valeissia   Valent   Valentas   Valentijn   Valentin   Valentina   Valentinas   Valentine   Valenting   Valentino   Valentyn   Valère   Valeri   Valeria   Valéria   Valerian   Valerian   Valerie   Valérie   Valerij   Valerijonas   Valērijs   Valerijus   Valerio   Valeris   Valeriu   Valerius   Valerius   Valery   Valéry   Valeska   Valfredo   Vali   Valierius   Valko   Valmantas   Valmir   Valon   Valter   Valto   Van   Vanco  

Vanda   Vaneng   Vanessa   Vania   Vanja   Vanna   Vappu   Var   Vara   Vardar   Varis   Varli   Varlik   Varol   Varsha   Vartan   Varvara   Vasant   Vasco   Vašek   Vasfi   Vasfiye   Vasif   Vasil   Vasile   Vasileios   Vasilelos   Vasili   Vasili?i   Vasilici   Vasilie   Vasilij   Vasilije   Vasilijus   Vasiliki   Vasilio   Vasilios   Vasken   Vasko   Vassili   Vassiliki   Vassilios   Vassilos   Vassjlios   Vasudevan   Vasva   Vasvija   Vatroslav   Veap   Veba  

Vecdet   Vecdi   Veciha   Vecihe   Vedad   Vedat   Vedi   Vedran   Veena   Veerle   Vefi   Vefik   Vegar   Vegard   Vehbi   Vehid   Veikko   Veiko   Veit   Veith   Vejislar   Veladzic   Veli   Velibor   Velichko   Velimir   Velinka   Velizar   Velji   Veljko   Velma   Veloozic   Velta   Velten   Věnceslava   Vendel   Vendula   Venetia   Veniero   Venizelos   Venka   Venkataraman   Veno   Ventura   Vera   Veran   Verda   Verde   Vered   Verena  

Vereni   Verenz   Vergili   Verginia   Verica   Veriman   Veritas   Vern   Verna   Verner   Vernon   Vernonika   Verona   Veronica   Veronika   Veronique   Véronique   Vesa   Vesel   Veselin   Vesile   Vesim   Vesna   Vesper   Vetle   Veysal   Veysel   Veysi   Vezir   Vial   Vianney   Vibeke   Vibha   Vicdan   Vicenç   Vicente   Vicki   Vicky   Victoire   Victor   Víctor   Victoria   Victoric   Victorine   Victorino   Victorio   Vicy   Vida   Vidak   Vidal  

Vidan   Vidas   Vidimantas   Vidmantas   Vidmantė   Vido   Vidoje   Vidosava   Vidovic   Vier   Vig   Vigantas   Vigdís   Viggo   Vigil   Vigilijus   Vigimantas   Vigindas   Vigintas   Vijay   Vijayalakshmi   Vikas   Vikentije   Vikram   Viktor   Viktoras   Viktori   Viktoria   Viktória   Viktorija   Viktors   Vildan   Vildana   Vilém   Vilenas   Vilhelm   Vilhjálmur   Viliam   Vilija   Vilim   Vilis   Viliumas   Vilius   Vilja   Viljar   Viljo   Ville   Ville   Vilma   Vilmantas  

Vilmos   Vilonika   Vinay   Vincas   Vincė   Vincenco   Vincenso   Vincent   Vincent   Vincent-Marie   Vincentas   Vincente   Vincentio   Vincenz   Vincenza   Vincenzo   Vinciane   Vinicio   Vinicius   Vinka   Vinko   Vinod   Vinsas   Vinzenz   Viola   Violaine   Violanta   Violet   Violeta   Violetta   Violette   Viorel   Vira   Virág   Virgil   Virgil   Virgile   Virgilia   Virgilijus   Virgilio   Virgilius   Virginia   Virginian   Virginie   Virginija   Virginijus   Virginio   Virgit   Viridiana   Virmantas  

Virna   Viron   Virtus   Višeslav   Vishwanath   Viso   Visus   Visvaldas   Viswanathan   Vit   Vita   Vital   Vitale   Vitali   Vitalien   Vitalij   Vitalija   Vitālijs   Vitalijus   Vitalis   Vitalius   Vitalji   Vitangelo   Vitas   Vithania   Vito   Vitomir   Vitor   Vittoria   Vittorino   Vittorio   Vitus   Viva   Vivaldo   Viveka   Vivendi   Vivian   Viviana   Viviane   Vivien   Vizgirdas   Vizma   Vjekoslav   Vjenceslava   Vlad   Vlada   Vladan   Vladana   Vladas   Vladeta  

Vladimir   Vladimiras   Vladislav   Vladislavas   Vladislovas   Vlado   Vlajko   Vlasta   Vlastimil   Vlatko   Vojin   Vojislav   Vojislav   Vojislava   Vojtech   Vola   Volanis   Volbert   Voldemar   Voldemaras   Voldemars   Voldemārs   Voler   Volf   Volger   Volk   Volkan   Volkeron   Volkert   Volkfried   Volkhard   Volkhardt   Volkhart   Volkher   Volkmar   Volkmer   Volko   Volkwart   Volkwin   Vollert   Vollmar   Vollrad   Vollrath   Volmar   Volmer   Volodia   Volodymyr   Volz   Vorname   Vos  

Vratislav   Vroni   Vrushali   Vsevolod   Vujadin   Vujica   Vuk   Vuk   Vukajlo   Vukan   Vukašin   Vukmir   Vural   Vurande   Vuranok   Vurat   Vurgun   Vydas   Vygandas   Vygantas   Vygaudas   Vytas   Vytautas   Vytautė   Vytenis  

Vornamen ohne Sortierung - Bitte Anfangsbuchstaben wählen

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.